Ewha Womans University

Ewha Womans University was the first educational institute for Korean Women since 1886. The university was named by King Gojong. “Ewha” means “Pear Blossoms”, a flower which is thought to have been near Scranton’s home. The word “womans”, rather than “womens” was used to emphasise the fact that each student is seen as an individual. Ewha Womans University is ranked 801-1000 in the world and 201-250 in Asia.

Korea University

Korea University, founded in 1905, is widely acknowledged as one of the country’s oldest, largest and top-ranked universities in Korea.  As a major comprehensive university, KU offers a rich variety of courses in liberal arts and sciences as well as in all professional fields, including law, medicine and business administration. Korea University is ranked 201-205 in the world and 151-175 in Asia.

Konkuk University

Konkuk University is a private institution located in South Korea, with its main campus in Seoul, the country’s capital, and a second base in Chungju, in the mountainous North Chungcheong province. The university is a national leader in agricultural and life science research, and has been called the “fastest growing university in Korea”. The university is ranked 601-800 in the world and 191 in Asia.