Universiti Putra Malaysia

In full day exchange the students from SEOI Malaysia started the day by visiting one of leading research universities in Malaysia, University Putra Malaysia (UPM). There, the students were welcomed by the Deputy Dean and had discussion session regarding to admission session, especially on master degree program.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Another university erudition was in one of public university, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). The students attended admission session and discussion with student ambassador and PPI in UKM. They also had discussion session about experience learning in UKM specifically and Malaysia generally.

University of Malaya

The last university erudition was in University of Malaya, as the best university in Malaysia (UM). There they met the representation of International Staff, to give the students briefing about studying in UM. It would enrich the students’ knowledge to compare which university is suitable as the place to continue their education after graduate.


Jawahirus Saniah, Hasanuddin University

“Meeting new people meaning that you will face new experience and new journey, and I’m really grateful that I join this program because I meeting new people. Thank you for Student Exchange Indonesia for having me in this program”

Shinta Kumala Devi, SyiahKuala University

“I think it’s a lot thing for I got new friends, new experience, and new knowledge. Sometimes I go to abroad for just holiday, but from Student Exchange I got visiting the campus, got new friends and knew knowledge, and I met someone who studying in UKM. Thank you.”

Fadhilla Ramadhan, Bogor Agriculture University

“For me, this program is very excellent and wonderful, because I can get many experience through this program, I can get many friends and visit Kuala Lumpur and several top universities in Malaya. For me, it’s very useful, thank you for this chance, I hope I can join this program again. Thank you”

Gracelia Regina Padang, College of Engineering of PLN, Jakarta

“It’s so awesome to join this program, because I got new friends, and I got new experience, I got personal development and so many things. I hope you join this program, because it’s so amazing for me, thank you Student Exchange Indonesia.”

SEOI Malaysia

student Exchange Indonesia provided the students an opportunity to have exchange not only in academic but also in cultural and society. SEOI Malaysia program contained university erudition in three universities as well as society exposure in such as Putrajaya, Petronas Twin Tower, and Central Market.