’Empowering Youth in Digital World

5 August 2021


In today’s era, the world is completely digitalized. All aspects of life from waking up to sleeping again cannot be separated from digital things, including the educational aspect.

Youth, as an important stakeholder in education, are expected to engage in this digitalization. They are enforced by the situation to be able to synchronize between education and digital life which is constantly and rapidly changing.

However, it turns out that there are still many young people who cannot empower themselves optimally to face the challenges of today’s world. Whereas as young people, of course, they have a lot of potential to empower himself in facing this digital world.

Reflecting on the problems above, the SEOI Conference this time opens to public under a big theme of “Empowering Youth in the Digital Era“. Inviting speakers who are credible in their fields, the SEOI Conference will provide new insights about digitalization and hopefully will motivate them more in finding their possible potential in this area.

Anyone can join the SEOI Conference, get new knowledge and enthusiasm, and of course a Printed Certificate which will be sent to your address. Register now!


Printed International
Legal Certificate

By enrolling to SEOI Conference, participants are eligible to acquire the International Legal Certificate upon the successful completion of the program. This certificate is designed to help the participants to support their professional future careers or further studies.

If it is common for an online conference or webinar program, participants will only get an e-certificate, here participants will get an International Standard Certificate signed by the speaker which is printed and sent to the participant’s address.

Broaden Insight in Education, Technology, and Social Life

SEOI Conference 1.0 offers the participants to get a thorough learning and understanding about digitalization, in which all participants will deepen their knowledge of technology, education and social life in this era. These all will develop their analytical and problem-solving skills, and enhance their interests in global issues as well as a broader knowledge.

Communication Skills and Better Self-Development

Participants who join our SEOI Conference program are expected to experience a change in their self-development and awareness, leading to enhance self-confidence and communication skills, maturity and social poise fueled by the necessity to confront the challenges beyond their comfort zone.

Reasons to Join SEOI Conference

International Conference

All participants are invited to really feel the atmosphere of the international conference, of course supported by international-class speakers who are credible in their fields

Raising Current Needed Topic

The nowadays era brings up thousands of homework and problem that should be solved. Through SEOI Conference, participants are asked to open their eyes and make an action to face it

Everyone Can Join

SEOI Conference is open to anyone, it is not limited to any age, background and occupation.

Time Efficiency and Opportunity

The SEOI Conference does not require participants to attend in person, because it is held online. Thus, your time will be more efficient.

Affordable and Easy

Besides offering efficiency, SEOI Conference are also cost-effective for an international conference. You do not need to spend too much but you will surely get tons of benefits


21 June – 11 July


12 July – 4 August

Program Preparation
(including selection for Speaker Participant’s Essay)

5 August

SEOI Conference 1.0 Program

6 August – 14 August

Certificate & Merchandise Distribution

Participant Categories

According to the information conveyed that everyone can join the SEOI Conference, here are two categories of being the participants in the SEOI Conference.



In addition to the international keynote speakers that we have prepared, we also open opportunities for one participant to become a speaker.
We will choose the best paper that deserves to be presented. For one participant, the privilege will be to get a certificate as a presenter at the International Conference.
This will surely add a credible track record to your CV.



This is for anyone who is willing to join the SEOI Conference. Here, participants will only be the audience and have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers when given the time.
Anyone can become a Common Participant and get a Printed International Certificate and merchandises. Neither requirements nor essay to submit, just fill the registration form and join as Participant.

Requirements for Becoming
a Speaker Participant

This is special chance to be a speaker in an International Conference in front of both national and international audiences. 


  • Write down your idea about “Empowering Youth in Digital Era”. You can make your topic essay be specific upon a certain subject or issue.
  • The essay should be written on A4 paper size, font Calibri size 12pt, line spacing 1.5, and page total 5 – 8 pages (including title, brief, main text, source)
  • No plagiarism and against SARA (Suku, Agama, Ras, Antar Golongan)
  • Save it as PDF and submit it upon filling the registration form

How to Apply

Pay the Registration Fee

(IDR 125.000)

Choose Participant Categories

 Fill the Registration Form

Open Your Email for Confirmation

Join the SEOI Conference

Get Printed Certificate and Merchandises

Participant Facilities

  •    Certificate

  •    Exclusive Mask

  •    Keychain

  •    Sticker

  •    Broad Knowledge

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